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Have you been in an accident with a commercial truck, semi, tractor-trailer or other type of large truck? There are a number of different rules that apply to Commercial vehicles and obtaining just compensation for severe injuries and death from these companies and there insurers is no easy matter.

Trucking companies will have experts on the scene almost immediately to try to establish that the trucker did nothing wrong and that you were the one at fault. Immediate contact with one of our attorneys is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones. Our lawyers have been involved in very complicated Commercial trucking injury and death cases here in Brevard and throughout Florida and in other states. 

Don’t hesitate. Call or email us as soon as you can after any type of trucking accident. We have a full time trained investigator in house that can respond, along with one of our attorneys, to the accident scene, documenting vehicle paths, skid marks, and evidence of evasive measures taken.

no recovery, no fee on Trucking Accident injury cases

Remember, there are NO FEES or costs for Personal Injury Claims if we don’t make a recovery for you. 

Think Defensive Driving!

It is extremely important to know what to do when sharing the road with a large truck and understanding how differently an eighteen-wheeler behaves when driven. They turn much wider, have much larger blind spots, take a lot more time and distance to stop and cannot maneuver around reckless drivers easily (or AT ALL) depending on the situation. According to Find Lawand Road Safe America, these are some of the most important things to remember when approaching a large truck in traffic.

  • Stay out of a trucker’s “No Zone” – the sign on the truck that usually reads “If you cannot see my mirrors, I cannot see you!!” Make sure you are in view of a trucker’s mirrors!
  • Do not change lanes abruptly in front of a truck
  • Never maneuver to the right of a truck when it is turning right (they have to swing left!)
  • Misjudging a truck’s speed when it is approaching an intersection and pulling in front of or across the truck’s path can cause an accident
  • Do not merge improperly in front of a truck (many cannot stop or maneuver easily around you!)
  • Never fail to slow down or speed up to allow a truck to change lanes
  • You are too close if you pass a truck and your car is blown out of position by their air turbulence
  • You must accelerate quick enough when pulling out in front of a truck in order for them to safely maintain their speed
  • Never drive between trucks or next to one if you can pass. Have you ever wondered why an 18-wheeler has eighteen tires? They shred off! You are in serious danger if one shreds while you are riding next to a truck
  • Leaving your disabled car on the shoulder of a highway or not clearing it out of the road path completely
There are many dangers that are presented by commercial truck drivers as well. The vehicle itself is massive in size and weight as well as inherent characteristics of the trucking company that causes danger to passenger vehicles sharing the roadways. Things like inadequate training, compensation based on speed and time of shipment arrival, and unrealistic logistic schedules that pressure drivers to travel at unsafe speeds and take short cuts that could be dangerous to other drivers.
The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration  is responsible for ensuring full compliance with all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) required of truck, bus and motorcoach companies regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. FMCSA enforcement cases are initiated following compliance reviews, complaint investigations, terminal audits, roadside inspections, or other investigations.