Drug Offense


Only an attorney in Brevard County, FL can represent your interest vigorously in State or Federal Court against the government authorities that have filed the charges against you. Our defense team of lawyers has over 35 years of experience in the Criminal Justice System, both as prosecutors and as effective criminal defense lawyers. The firm represents Brevard County, FL clients charged in State and Federal Court in felony cases, such as burglary, robbery, sexual offenses, child abuse offenses, drug offenses, murder, car-jacking, theft and trafficking in stolen property cases. We also represent clients charged with driving under the influence or DUI charges, and misdemeanors such as domestic violence/battery, theft, worthless checks, driver license offenses and fraud.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, whether it be a felony, a misdemeanor or a Drug, Drug Crime or Drug Trafficking offense in Brevard County, FL; the consequences can sometimes be dire and affect your ability to work, earn a living and do the normal things in our daily lives. If you are arrested or charged with a criminal offense, you need the best representation possible.

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What if I am charged or arrested with a Drug Offense in Brevard County?

Our experienced staff in Brevard County, FL will represent you in obtaining bail reductions and vigorously represent you through arraignment, pre-trial discovery, trial of the case and appeal if necessary.

Our criminal defense lawyer was an experienced former prosecutor who once was a Felony Division Chief in the State Attorney’s office in Brevard County, Florida. Since leaving the State Attorney’s office, he has been a zealous advocate of those citizens charged by the government with criminal offenses for over 25 years. On our staff is a full-time investigator who has been a former Sheriff’s Homicide Investigator and an investigator for the Brevard County Medical Examiner’s Office. During our investigation of every case, we will leave no stone unturned.